Healthy food that can be thrown on the grill

Healthy food that can be thrown on the grill

When we think of barbecue, we think of meat. But, this type of meat isn’t very healthy. In fact, it contains cancerous substances, so it should be avoided. But, there is healthy food that can be thrown on the grill. Maybe it sounds ‘’weird’’ but it is very healthy and delicious. 

1.    Lettuce can be your healthy dinner. All you need to do is to slice romaine hearts in half, add olive oil, sprinkle with pepper and salt, drizzle with vinegar (on both sides) and you are done. Flip them after 3 minutes. This food is rich with vitamins: C, K and A.

2.    Grapes should be added between shrimps and chicken. They contain no sodium, cholesterol and fat. However, they are rich in vitamins K and C. Also, this food is affordable and delicious.

3.    Watermelon can be grilled as well. Maybe it sounds funny, but it is a nice addition to your dinner. You will have to slice it in pieces and add salt. After that, you are done. This food is rich in antioxidant lycopene, which is useful in a fight against heart disease.

4.    Pizza is the best food for many people. In this case, you need a whole wheat pizza (dough). Make sure that the grill is very hot, or pizza will stick on it. Grill it for several minutes, add toppings and you are done. 

5.    Mango can be grilled as well. But, it is used as a topping for your burger. This food is rich in vitamins: A, C and B6. It also contains a lot of dietary fiber.