Simple Ways To Track Weight Loss Around Abs

Simple Ways To Track Weight Loss Around Abs

Getting those washboard flat abs isn’t easy, especially if you never paid any attention to weight management. While the initial overall weight loss seems obvious, the toughest bit is to lose weight around the abs, thighs and hips. Here are some effective ways to shed flab around abs. 

Cut down the unseen sugar
While you may not be taking refined sugar directly, a lot of juices, snacks and other foods have an unexpected amount of added sugars. Check for the ‘unsweetened’ tag in the foods you buy and read between the labels to keep a check on sugar consumption. 

Focus on high intensity interval training
Simple abbreviated as HIIT, this is the best training technique to lose weight. However, for losing fat around abs, you also need a decent amount of cardio time. If you are not up for the treadmill routine, jogging and running around the park can be a good idea. 

Sleep well
Lack of rest and sleep is as harmful for weight management as is reckless eating. Every adult needs sleep for at least six to seven hours each day, and since you are exercising, the body needs a lot of rest. Start taking note of your sleeping times. 

Seek overall weight loss
Doing a few abs exercises can be good enough to start the process, but losing the last pound often takes the hardest time. Don’t give up if you don’t see the results, and the idea is to keep the focus on losing weight overall, which will reflect around the belly too. 
Finally, keep an eye on the drinks you consume, with more inclusions of green tea and cinnamon tea.